Web Engineering


September 22nd – 24th, 2023, Palma de Mallorca, Spain

About The Event

Event Schedule

Friday, 22nd of September

  • 3.00 pm - 6.00 pm Optional: Workshop @INNSIDE Bosque Hotel - needed to be booked in advance - highly recommended
  • 9.00 pm - TGIF - Thank god it's Friday @Ginbo - Come-together at the Ginbo. Please note only drinks, no food catering.

Saturday, 23rd September




Software as a medical device

Karl Spies



Introduce to AI

Betrand Lee

From Dev'outch to DevOps


Discussion: Inhousie dev vs. Agency Dev - what they want and why

Uwe Kellermann

Server side rendering using Frontend Frameworks: Why, Why not & How

Hans-Christian Otto

What is the best job in IT? And how do I become a Sales Engineer?

Rainer Schuppe

How to fall in love with JIRA

Maria Adler

How much database abstraction do I need (Doctrine ORM vs DBAL)

Alexander M. Turek

Event photo

Lunch, upstairs on the balcony

Next.js Storefront with Shopify, Storefront/Admin GraphQL integration shopping cart page, customer dashboard page

Andrii Melever

Automatic testing

Fabian, Hagen, Ingo


Scrum Group, Judith

Debate on topics borrowed from book "rework"

Katharina Vemewad

From PHP-Core to Core dumps: How to debug crashes in the PHP interpreter


How to create a full-remote env that does not suck

Toby Schlitt

Social Engineering, Cyber Security, Cyber Threat Intelligence

Claudia Bender

What 10 years in the military taught me about leadership


Am I insane? Mental health in tech (and leadership)

Toby Schlitt & Andreas Ziethen

Sunday, 24th September




TTNC with Valet Plus and not Docker or similiar from an agency perspective

Chrisopther Holst

I am not a hyperactive child, but still: I have ADHD

Hans-Christian Otto

SMOXY - a new short cut for better TTFB

Lukas und Dennis

Live coding: Setup a Kubernetes Cluster in Hetzner (for Tobys website)

Bastian & Toby

Fucking up projects - a manual

Fabian Blechschmidt, Erik Kort

Incorporating Tools like ChatGPT into your development process

Yann Karl, Daniel Wu

Data Pipelines with PHP - How to import/export/migrate millions of data

Jochen Manz

Leveling Up Business with ESports Insights

Francisco Santacreu

Alternatives to getting payed by the hour as an agency/freelancer/service company (discussion)

Florian Sowade, Hans-Christian Otto

Event Storming - an introduction

Thomas Nunnigner

How to create a remove environment that does not suck - PART 2


How to modernise a 12 years old web application - and the whole company

Dirk Ollmetzer

lunch break

Performance Testing

Ümit Cekige

Swarm-Programing - a tryout (hands on)

Thomas Nunniger

Using docker and kubernetes in automation testing


Map to lunch and after-show-party

About The Event

Catch up with an enthusiastic group of like minded people who are crazy about web technologies and performance. No matter if you are an Engineer, DevOps, Architect, Product Owner or Project Manager - everybody is welcome.

This event is very open and at the same time exclusive. The maximum number of attendees is limited to 100. We want a family atmosphere where everyone can engage in sharing their knowledge and experience. It’s like a weekend with friends and everyone brought their laptops :-) Plus, it’s on the beautiful island of Mallorca in late summer. Usually the weather is perfect to relax at the pool and have a good time with friends.


Meliá Hotel Innside Bosque
Palma de Mallorca


Friday to Sunday
22-24 September 2023


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CO2 Emissions

Why it takes place on an island? What about flight emissions?

We are aware that we cause more emissions by traveling to Mallorca than if we were looking for a location on the mainland. But we have appreciated the Mediterranean atmosphere of the island for years and would not want to miss it. But through our sponsoring package “CO2 Compensation” we will offset a considerable part of the issue financially. We will let you know shortly which project we will support.


Here are some nearby hotels

Innside Palma Bosque

Innside Palma Bosque

0,0km - The venue takes place in this hotel

Hotel Feliz Palma de Mallorca

Hotel Feliz Palma de Mallorca

0,8km from the venue



0,5km from the venue

Meliá Palma Marina

Meliá Palma Marina

0,65km from the venue

Hotel Bellver

Hotel Bellver

0,6km from the venue

Hotel Araxa

Hotel Araxa

0,4km from the venue

Event Venue

Event venue location info and gallery

Innside Palma Bosque

This urban resort with a modern and welcoming atmosphere offers perfectly equipped rooms with excellent views of the cathedral, Palma Bay or the pool. The Hotel offers: Free Wi-Fi; outdoor and indoor swimming pool; sauna; a modern gym and a sun terrace.


  • It is all about the people. An unconference has no speakers, no call for papers and no agenda in advance. All is made by attendees. The unconference starts with a big welcome and introduction game. The next step is asking for session inputs and therefore topics are greatly varied. There are two kinds of sessions: interests and contributions. A contribution has a learning which is shared by the attendee. A smart topic which needs to be spread within community. An interest is a question by an attendee and the group is asked for their knowledge. It goes like this: You name the topic, we find the speaker. Topics can be hard like tech-subjects in engineering or developing. But also soft like awareness of team movements, fast moving world topics or personal development. We all learn from each other. One of the key parts of the unconference are coffee breaks. Those time in between sessions give the opportunity to continue conversations from sessions, exchange opinions and ideas. Conclusion of an unconference: Sharing is caring!

  • We are aware that we cause more emissions by traveling to Mallorca than if we were looking for a location on the mainland. But we have appreciated the Mediterranean atmosphere of the island for years and would not want to miss it. But through our sponsoring package “CO2 Compensation” we will offset a considerable part of the issue financially. We will let you know shortly which project we will support.

  • Naturally! Our event is open to the families of our community and looks forward to a lot of partners as well as children. We are happy to offer a leisure program if there are more than 10 partners and more than 10 children.

  • The larger the number of participants, the more anonymous the event. That’s exactly what we don’t want. We want a family atmosphere where everyone can and should participate in his or her own way.

  • Absolutely YES! On Saturday and Sunday we will have lunch together and also snacks with fruits, cakes and coffee afterwards. On Saturday evening we organized a dinner for all of us. The only occasion where we don’t serve food is the cocktail event on Friday evening.

  • Besides those friendly faces in the people section, this event operator is boot e.V. - Best of Open Technologies. The purpose of this association is the promotion of education, research and science in the field of open information and communication technology, in particular open source software. One main field is organizing several events within open source technologies. One event was the former PHPucEU – PHP Unconference Europe – and since 3 years we are happy to go together on with WEUC – Web Engineering Unconference. Our work in organization and other fields are unpaid and we do not have commercial targets.

  • Palma is worth visiting, that’s a fact. Especially if you are into urban cities, Spanish history and contemporary art - than you should plan one or two additional days. Once the unconference has started, time flies away, and we assume that you will have not the time for sightseeing.

  • For a short swim in the sea, yes - for a long day at the beach, no. If you love to combine beach and unconference, we recommend planning one additional day.

  • Time to time we send a newsletter. You can find the subscription field below. But we are also quite active on Linkedin, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. You can find links to our profile in the footer.


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